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The Sensitive CEO Show

Host Rose Cox, Transformational Coach and Business Strategist, shares inspiring and thought-provoking conversations for sensitive entrepreneurs wanting to grow profitable online businesses in a way that feels exciting and aligned with their soul.

Rose and her expert guests share science-backed advice, sound strategies and the systems they use to succeed in their businesses and their lives.

Rose Cox, Sensitive CEO

Hosted by Rose Cox

Latest Episodes

January 23, 2023

Casey is a business growth strategist and marketing mentor for intuitive, conscious, impact-driven women. As a seasoned entrepreneur who has scaled multi six figure companies over the last 10 years, Casey knows first hand what it takes to create sustainable yet exponential success. After making the hard decision to close her first business, she went

022: How I went from $10K months to my first $100K month in my business without hustling, hype or hiding behind an extroverted mask with Casey Lightbody
January 16, 2023

Ashlee Sang consults conscious and caring business owners so they can grow their impact and their revenue. Through Ashlee Sang Consulting, she equips entrepreneurs to take confident, meaningful action in alignment with their values. She believes that business can feel and do good when it’s rooted in values and propelled by purpose. Before doing brand

021: Living Out Your Brand Values In Order To Show Up As Yourself with Ashlee Sang
December 12, 2022

For the final episode of 2022 on The Sensitive CEO Show, I go behind the scenes of my business and share with you what’s been working well for me. I also share what hasn’t been working so well and why there are no mistakes in business. Everything is a learning experience and an opportunity for

020: Behind the Scenes and 2022 Recap
December 5, 2022

Tara is an intuitive business mentor, holistic wellbeing coach, artist, and author who supports empathpreneurs with releasing, healing, and letting go of all that is stopping them from fully claiming their magic and co-creating the business (and life) of their dreams, that considers all and our home. 💝 Key Takeaways Working with the energy of

019: The Power of Co-creation in Business with Tara Jackson
November 28, 2022

Melody Wilding is the author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work. Recently named one of Business Insider’s Most Innovative Coaches for her groundbreaking work on “Sensitive Strivers”, her clients include CEOs, C-level executives, and managers at top Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon, and JP Morgan, among

018: Writing a Book as a Sensitive Entrepreneur with Melody Wilding
November 21, 2022

Kristen Morris helps people create their websites and brands to elevate their online presence and impact. A self taught designer, she started learning web design over 6 years ago while continuing to work her 9 to 5. Kristen started Redesignia to boost brands through technology which can feel intimidating. 💝 Key Takeaways Why using reels

017: Why I Use Reels Instead of Ads to Grow with Kristen Morris
November 14, 2022

Sabijn Arts is a registered psychologist and intuition coach specialising in HSP and is the creator of the From Head to Heart method for HSP. Sabijn supports HSP & Empath Executives, Entrepreneurs and personal growth loving HSPs to overcome their HSP struggles, trust their intuition, believe in themselves and express their soul in life and

016: Your HSP Power: Intuition with Sabijn Arts
November 7, 2022

Catherine Wood is the Founder and Head Coach of Unbounded Potential, a boutique coaching firm that helps bold, brilliant, and big-hearted leaders in business and corporate come home to their purpose and create holistic success beyond socially defined success markers. Her firm works one-on-one with clients and Catherine facilitates her signature UNBOUNDED Mastermind, a yearlong

015: A Conscious CEO’s Approach To Achieving More By Doing Less with Catherine Wood
October 31, 2022

Analena is a Human Design Coach for Conscious Introvert Leaders who are ready to launch theor soul-aligned Business or scale their existing Business with Ease and Flow. She is also the Co-Founder of the Aligned Living Academy which offers a Human Design Certification and other Human Design Courses specifically for Conscious Leaders. 💝 Key Takeaways

014: Human Design for more Ease, Flow and Impact in your Soul-Aligned Business with Analena Fuchs
October 24, 2022

Martina Barnes is an international coach, entrepreneur, licensed psychotherapist and master Intuitive. Introverted and highly sensitive herself, Martina finds great joy in helping high-achieving introverts & Highly Sensitive Persons understand and embrace their sensitivity so they can learn how to find their natural power and move from Hiding to Thriving. 💝 Key Takeaways The nature

013: Using Applied Polyvagal Theory To Regulate The Nervous System with Martina Barnes

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Podcast Reviews

Rose is such a wonderful interviewer on her show. I previously participated in one of her HSP Entrepreneur summits and was impressed by her ability to naturally facilitate compelling conversations that flowed effortlessly and easily drew out her guests’ expertise and zones of genius. Her podcast has fully lived up to that! A great podcast to wake up to and accompany you on a morning walk or the weekend, Rose exudes peace and calm. Highly recommend!

Catherine Wood

Founder and Head Coach of Unbounded Potential

I love Rose's genuine, gentle yet practical energy. Not only does she provide guidance & expertise ... she also MODELS what it looks like to be a Sensitive CEO, which is so, so valuable in this world with so many examples of the opposite - to expand our recognition of what leadership is to include us.

Adria DeCorte

Message Clarity Coach

Absolutely thrilled to find this podcast. Rose has a wonderful soothing quality to her voice which makes it an easy listen. I love the focus on using our sensitivity to build a profitable business in a way that supports us. It's definitely worth listening to this if you're HSP and looking to build an online business. I will be following closely so I can build my business in a soul-aligned way that doesn't leave me burnt out and overwhelmed.

Lauren Wild

Wellbeing Psychologist, Therapist, Coach